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My Story – the shorter version

For the past 32 years,I've have helped people communicate better – leaders and employees of companies and organizations, board members, pastors, teachers – anyone who wants to better connect and make a difference with people within their realm of influence. I've been the guy in front of the camera attempting to add perspective in tragic situations. I've conducted thousands of on-camera, print and online interviews. I've worked with producers from shows like 60 Minutes and CBS Early Morning. I've written hundreds and hundreds of magazine articles, and I have been published for more than 20 years in national magazines. I'm a musician. I play piano and keyboards and operate a digital studio. (Macy the Kat assists me on all studio projects. Spence Dog is executive producer.) Most importantly, I have a wonderful family – I'm the dad of two outstanding young men, one a college senior, the other a very successful business guy and entrepreneur. My wife of 28 years is a finance director at a resort. I believe the best of my work is yet to come. I hope you and I can continue to connect and make a difference. 

© Copyright 2022 Terry Wilhite 

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